30 Years Together
Fifty - Fifty
Good Morning Finland

The decision to publish the 30years together-album was made in autumn 2001, after a couple of succesful recordings. Recordings had started few months earlier, just testing, if itīs possible to make music in this way and because it sounded so good, we started to make an album. We set some rules to ourselves: This cannot be hard work, we record only when we like to do that and also that we donīt grind them, when it has recorded, thatīs it! If we donīt like the result, we donīt put it on the CD at all. Some of the songs we have had to discard.

The CD was completed in october 2001, after about 7-8 months later. We called it
"30 years together" because we met first time 30 years ago. We designed the coverart and made 48 pieces of CD:s

Our friends liked "30 years together" so much, that we decided to continue recordings and make another CD. One year later we were ready to publish another CD at the end of the year 2002. Name of the album was found easily, we both got the age 50, that year, so we named our second album "Fifty-Fifty"

It happened that we couldnīt stop, so our third CD was completed for Christmas 2003. The album is called Good Morning Finland

For some time the last album Fiftytwo was released at May 2006. Thereīs 60 songs made in four CD:s. We decided to try something new. We have started to make a Music-DVD

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