Fifty - Fifty

  • That´s all right mama
  • All shook up
  • Bus stop
  • Have you ever seen the rain
  • Yellow river
  • Oh darling!
  • Lodi
  • Who´ll stop the rain
  • I´m a believer
  • Memphis Tennessee
  • Lookin´ out my back door
  • And I love her
  • Sunny afternoon
  • I want to hold your hand

    Recordings started in december 2001
    Completed at dec 6 2002 Recorded by "ping-pong style" in Espoo and Helsinki
    72 CD:s was made for share to friends and others who were interested
    All instruments: Army Bros (drums by the drummachines)
    Recordings: Army Bros
    Special guest in "That´s all right mama" Jani Laukkanen (guitar)

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